Missouri State Rep. Chuck Gatschenberger Wants to Confiscate Drivers' Licenses of Class-Cutters

Truants shouldn't be driving, according to Gatschenberger.
Truants shouldn't be driving, according to Gatschenberger.
Corporal punishment in schools is a no-no. Detention? So passé.

Here's a thought: Let's take away the teenagers' driver's licenses!

State representative Chuck Gatschenberger, a Republican who represents St. Charles and Warren counties, is pushing that idea in Jeff City this year.  

Gatschenberger has introduced House Bill 1801, which aims to cut down on truancy.

The bill states that public schools must report the names of any student who has cut five or more days of school to the Missouri Department of Revenue, which in turn will revoke the student's driver's license.

For how long? One month per unexcused absence.

Gatschenberger, who last year proposed making the mastodon the official state prehistoric mammal and (tried to outlaw Mardi Gras) also sought to make public displays of nipples and areolas a misdemeanor, sits on the higher education committee.

HB #1801 hasn't been farmed to a committee.