Chuck E. Cheese Boob Grab Revealed! The Photo That Prompted a Lawsuit

On Friday I put out a notice asking readers to help me find the photo of pizza-parlor mascot Chuck E. Cheese groping a female customer.  

As you'll recall, a 22-year-old woman by the name of Jennifer Sorbello claims a Chuck E. Cheese employee (dressed like a large rodent) grabbed her breast during a visit to the restaurant's South County location last summer. Sobrello is now suing the restaurant chain for an unspecified amount of damages.

On Friday her attorney -- Mark Potashnick -- told me he could not share with me the photo because it was "too embarrassing" for his client.

However, he did allow that a copy of the photo had made its way online. He would not say where.

My request for help sparked a few of you to e-mail me privately. Thanks to readers Darcy and Nick for the above photo of Chuck E. Cheese snorting a line. As you suggested, perhaps Chuck E.'s boorish behavior can be blamed on drugs. 

But it was reader J.D. who finally delivered the goods...

J.D. alerted me that someone under the online handle of "no arrow_dann" was using the pic as an avatar. And sure enough, he was.

So, here it is. Appropriately enough, it's mice-sized. From the photo I can't tell if Chuck E's right hand (or paw) is touching Sorbello's boob. But his left mitt certainly seems to be well south of her chest.

She does look a little startled. But maybe she's just at a loss for words. What do you say to a six-foot rat?

Another reader, Mimi, informs me that Sorbello's mother actually placed the photo online in the comment thread and quickly removed it (probably on the advice of her daughter's attorney). Thankfully "no arrow_dann" copied the photo before it was gone.

Now, if we could only get a copy big enough to examine. Anyone?