Craigslist Man Seeking "Adventurous Woman for Live-In Secretary/Personal Assistant" Speaks

click to enlarge This very blurry man would like you to live with him. - Craigslist
This very blurry man would like you to live with him.

Mayhaps you have seen the following Craigslist ad floating around social media: "seeking an adventurous woman for live in secretary/ personal assistant - m4w - 25 (soulard)."

"I'm a local aspireing entrapanuer seeking a woman that is adventurous, intelligent, attractive and well spoken to be my live in secretary/ personal assistant," the ad begins, continuing on to become one of the most epic personal-slash-want-ads ever penned.

Daily RFT ran across it on Twitter over a week ago, smirked, and moved on. But it's been making the rounds ever since, popping up on Punching Kitty and Reddit St. Louis. That got us to thinking: Does this pragmatic paramour know about his growing internet fame?

No, as a matter of fact, he did not. Until we called him.

In case you missed it, here's the whole ad and here is one choice excerpt:

What I need is someone to be a very involved part of, and eventually maybe partner in what I'm doing. That can add somethings that are missing to my business, life and household. I should start by saying that I'm looking to do this on an exchange basis as my business is in a semi profitable up and comeing growing position that doesn't really permit me to pay cash for what I'm trying to find. I instead am trying to find someone who can contribute to what I'm doing in exchange for room and board, food, occasional entertainment and possibly my affection. My little operation has suffered considerably in organization and efficiency since last june when my wife left.

The spellcheck-free ad goes on to say that he had one live-in girl-ssistant ... secre-friend? ... since breaking up with his wife, but whoops! She was really his friend's girl and things got nasty. So now he's back on the hunt for a woman willing to make all of her life decisions in one go -- career, personal, familial, geographical -- just settle all of it in one fell swoop. Best-case scenario, a super helpful girlfriend. Worst-case, something that feels a lot like prostitution.

When we caught up with Jim Midgett via phone, he'd just been reading some of the online chatter about him with his roommate.

"I didn't have a clue at all. Actually, I'm not very computer savvy," he says. "My feelings aren't hurt at all about it."

And not everyone thinks this sounds nuts. In fact, he's already had ten responses and three interviews.