Six Best Hairdos of St. Louis' TV Personalities (Female Edition)

Sande Stevenson: Weaving her way to the head of the class.
Sande Stevenson: Weaving her way to the head of the class.

We admit it. We ordinary St. Louisans are often guilty of being a year (or three) behind on the latest hair-style trends. Not so our television personalities -- especially our female stars. Just turn on the local newscast and you're likely to see some of the most fetching coiffures this side of Indianapolis. See also: The Five Best Hairdos on St. Louis TV (Just for Men Edition)

Here then is Riverfront Times' definitive list of the best television hairdos culled from our most recent "Best of St. Louis" issues. Let us know if you agree with our choices or know of any TV journos who deserves a ranking.

6. Randi Naughton Randi Naughton's ginger top serves as an ever-bright flicker of hope that goes perfectly with our morning coffee. Those gorgeous red locks, cut short and sassy, flip and swish with every story our 2008 winner covers for the KTVI-TV (Channel 2) morning show, giving viewers a refreshing break from the helmet-hair tradition. Naughton's fiery tresses lend her an edge of coolness and stylishness that eclipses all others in the yard of (stiff) blond girls.

5. Robin Smith Our 2011 winner for Best Hair on a Local Television Personality (Female), Smith is a KTVI (Channel 2) KMOV (Channel 4) mainstay who caught our attention years ago for her topknot perched atop her head like an apple glued to a bowling ball. These days Robin frames her face with angular bangs and enough body on top to suspect the presence of a Bumpit. Sophistication with an edge! Soccer mom meets Rihanna! However you choose to characterize it, Robin Smith's hairstyle is right in line with her persona: Experienced enough to be trusted, current enough to be relevant.