Dirt Cheap Commercial Named One of Leno's "Bad Ads"

The big news on last night's airing of the Jay Leno Show was that the comic would be returning to his old gig and timeslot at the Tonight Show on March 1 after the Olympics. Well, that's the big news for fans of Leno. There's a St. Louis connection to the news-making episode as well.

Dirt Cheap on Leno last night.
Dirt Cheap on Leno last night.
A 2007 television commercial for Dirt Cheap Cigarettes & Beer was included in Leno's latest "look-at-this-crazy-stuff" gimmick, "Bad Ads."

Since the Daily RFT also loves to share so-bad-they're-good local TV commercials, here's a look at last night's clip. Cut to 11:20 into the episode, unless you enjoy painful monologues.   

Here's Fred in the commercial, via YouTube:


Since filming this commercial, Fred Teutenberg has gone on to form his own business -- Fred's Cheapo Depot.

Daily RFT spoke with Teutenberg in October about his new venture: "Fred From Dirt Cheap now out on his own with Fred's Cheapo Depot."