Newark Mayor Cory Booker Gets Gushy for St. Louis on the Twitter

Love is in the air! Cory Booker, who somehow finds time in between tweets to be mayor of Newark, New Jersey, is super-stoked this morning. The reason: Two truckloads of hurricane relief stuff, donated by all kinds of St. Louisans (see #STLforSandy), have finally made it to the Garden State.

Sweet! Our hurricane-battered neighbors out East needed our help, and St. Louis pitched in to help. Ain't that America? You're most welcome, Mayor Booker! We wish you well, and - oops, wanna gush some more!

Again, you're quite welcome, good sir! And so anyway, back to the -- oh wait. Mayor Francis Slay's spokeswoman, Kara Bowlin, has just tweeted that she's "geeking out" over Booker's effusive thanks. 

Not be out-gushed, hizzoner comes back again!

Oh golly, these awesomely good vibes have gotten thick! But not thick enough!

MAXIMUM HEART-AROUSAL/EXPLOSION! Daily RFT cannot hold it in, we are driving to Newark right now to kiss strangers. We will kiss strangers.

And we'll say it in advance: You're welcome!