Will Jacque Waller Disappearance Become the Next Casey Anthony Saga?

click to enlarge Look out world! Nancy Grace is on the case!
Look out world! Nancy Grace is on the case!
Could Jacque Waller's disappearance become the next missing-person-turned-murder case to grip the nation? One wonders that now that Nancy Grace has picked up the story.

The sister of Jacque Waller, the southeast Missouri mother missing since June 1, appeared last night on Grace's show on CNN. Chery Brenneke told Grace that she believes Jacque's husband, Clay Waller, murdered her sister. She also said that it if it were up to Clay, he'd take custody of the son he had with Jacque and leave the two girls in Brenneke's care.

"He just cares about the boy. He's the pick of the litter," said Brenneke, who currently has custody of Jacque and Clay's triplets.

Meanwhile, Jacque's disappearance is getting national exposure elsewhere this week.

Good Morning America is supposed to run another clip about Jacque's disappearance today. Last week, host George Stephanopoulos interviewed Jacque's parents about their daughter's disappearance. Like Jacque's sister, her parents believe Clay Waller murdered their daughter. Clay was the last person to see Jacque before she went missing soon after arriving at his home to discuss their pending divorce. Clay Waller has not been named a suspect in her disappearance, though he is no longer cooperating with police in their investigation.

Also tonight, Jacque's story is expected to appear on the show 20/20.