Attempted Robbery Ends with Robber and Victim Shot

Police continue to investigate an attempted robbery that resulted in both the victim and the robber being shot. The victim is a 56-year-old black man who told police he was walking on a parking lot in the 3700 block of Page Boulevard when a 25-year-old black man approached and announced a robbery. The would-be robber then shot the older man in the hand, but the injured man escaped with his life and his valuables and was taken to the hospital for treatment. 

While there, he admitted that he, too, had a gun, and he had returned fire at his assailant. 

Police then were notified that a young man who had been struck a glancing blow in the head by a bullet was also admitted to the hospital. This man's description and his injury were consistent with what the older man had told the police occurred during the aborted robbery.

This younger man gave the police several different accounts of how he was injured. Police continue to question both men this morning.