To Catch A Predator...St. Louis Leads, Baby!

UPDATE: The FBI has corrected an error in the information it released to media this morning. The agency has arrested 106 child predators over the last 21-month period (not this year alone). Read their correction after the jump.

Before he departs for a city far grittier than St. Louis, the local FBI special-agent-in-charge John Gillies this morning will announce a special honor for St. Louis: We lead the nation in nabbing child predators.

Perverts, beware! - WIKIMEDIA COMMONS
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Perverts, beware!
Of the U.S.'s 56 FBI offices, St. Louis has made the most arrests of kiddie-porn creeps -- 106 of 'em -- to date this year.

Nine months....thirty-six weeks...that's about three pedophiles a week. God, think of all the visuals the cops must ogle to work up with those stats.

Former RFT staff writer Kathleen McLaughlin took a look at Missouri's affinity for kiddie porn one year ago in her feature story, "Perverts Beware: St. Louis Area Police Have Your Number."
From Rebecca Wu, spokeswoman for the FBI:

The original media advisory had a mistake.

It stated, "FBI St. Louis has arrested 106 child predators so far this year."

The following statement is correct: "FBI St. Louis has arrested 106 child predators so far this year and last year combined."

Sorry about the mistake and thank [sic] for making the correciton [sic].