Armadillo Plays Well in Peoria, So Why Not St. Louis?

click to enlarge The Peoria "Armadillo" -
The Peoria "Armadillo"
The Wall Street Journal had an interesting article yesterday about the way the Peoria, Illinois, police deal with nuisance properties.

Their solution? An unmanned armored truck that the police park outside the homes of drug dealers and other bothersome neighbors. The truck -- a retired bank vehicle -- is called the "Armadillo" and outfitted with infrared security cameras.

After a few days deployed in front of the a problem property, police say most bad guys either shape up or move out of the neighborhood.

Says one Peoria resident: "It's like a tank. A war tank. It strikes fear. No one is going to approach a tank."

Perhaps the St. Louis police might want to search a few bank auctions for a 'dillo of their own?

See a short video or the Peoria Armadillo in action after the jump.