Slutty Doings Tomorrow in the Grove

Here's a radical notion: Instead of telling women to watch what they wear, how much they drink, or what neighborhoods to avoid to stop sexual assault, what if we told men not to assault them, no matter what they're wearing, how much they're drinking or where they're walking?

Tomorrow, you can take this message to the streets at SlutWalk St. Louis. We've reported before that the worldwide SlutWalk movement was born in response to a cop in Toronto telling a college audience that, to avoid being raped, they shouldn't dress like "sluts."

In defiance of that argument, SlutWalks have taken place all over the world, and tomorrow, after months of planning, we'll have one here in St. Louis.

The SlutWalk phenomenon has been misunderstood and mocked. The point is not, "Hey, let's prance around in thongs because somehow this will prevent rape," as plenty of lunkheads have mistakenly surmised. The point is that no matter what a person wears, rape and sexual assault are always the fault of the perpetrator. The onus is on would-be rapists to not rape, not on would-be victims to somehow avoid being assaulted.

The march kicks off at noon tomorrow at the intersection of Boyle and Manchester. Rock stilettos, combat boots -- or whatever floats your boat.

Then, there will be free, all-ages workshops all day at the Fox Hole inside the Atomic Cowboy on topics ranging from feminism and queer theory to S&M and the psychology of rape. There's a body-positive fashion show featuring Miss Ohio Vintage and burlesque, too. Get all the details on the Facebook event page.

See you sluts there!