What Are You Not Doing This Inauguration Day?

I can't take it. Here at the Center of All Knowledge, aka Riverfront Times, I've literally been inundated with press releases and e-mails from local and national groups alerting me to all the FUN! and EXCITING! things they're doing for today's inauguration.

They're twittering their inauguration thoughts, flickring photos, marching in bands, blogging (of course) and annoying the snot out of me with each new announcement they send my way.

Hey, that's great if you want to drive a thousand miles, freeze your asses off and sleep on the cold, hard ground for today's historic event. I'm happy for you. But honestly people. You all have been acknowledged to death.

What I'm more interested in is what people are not doing today.

I'll get things started. I'm not watching CNN from sunrise to sunset. I'm not draping myself in an American flag. I'm not reading the Declaration of Independence for fun. And, I'm most certainly not eating any asparagus. No. There will not be any asparagus on my plate today.

What won't you be doing today? Really. This time I want to know.