Project:Design! Finalists: Meet Sierra Moses

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David Kilper for Studio 314

Next Tuesday, October 11, is the start of 2011's St. Louis Fashion Week. For the seventh year, Brown Shoe will be presenting Project:Design!, a competition featuring the work of six designers based out of, or near, St. Louis.

The lines of the top six designers, chosen online by the public, will be featured in a fashion show October 11 at Fashion Week. Judges will then choose a winner, who will receive prizes including a consultation with 963Collective and coverage in ALIVE Magazine. Daily RFT is highlighting one finalist each day until October 11, showcasing the best talent this area has to offer.

Sierra Moses, 25, lives in St. Louis. Her line is called HAUS by Sierra Moses.

What inspired you to start designing? I just had a want to make all women feel beautiful, no matter what size they are. I wanted to let everyone know that you are fine just the way you are.

What is your line like? I do different things with each collection; no line of mine looks the same. Haus is about taking the masculine and making it very feminine. It's about taking power and adding a lot of femininity to it.

What is it like running your own business? It's been a lot of fun and hectic at times. With my company it's a one man show -- I'm my everything. I do all the designs, all the fabric shopping, all the production, all the marketing. It's very hectic, but wonderful. I'm putting a lot into something I really believe in.

How did you feel when you were chosen in the top 6 designers? I was really, really, really excited! I voted hard and made sure everyone else I know voted hard. The excitement wore off quickly -- now I have to make twelve new pieces before the show. But I'm still very excited.

What will you do if you win? You mean after I stop crying? No, really. That would be a huge feeling of accomplishment. If I won, I would definitely focus on networking and then move forward from there. That's a hurdle I'm looking forward to jumping.

Why do you think you should win? As a designer, I always stick to my aesthetic, which is classic and innovative at the same time. I cover a broad range and that lets me touch a lot of different customers.

What do you like about designing clothes? Haus Designs is all about making people feel special. All my pieces are special. My favorite part is feeling magnificent in what I created.

What are your goals for Fashion Week? To finish, first of all...I'm excited to introduce Haus to the fashion world and to stick to my true aesthetic. I want to make people understand what Haus is all about. It's a competition, and I'm honored to show in it, but I'm in it to introduce Haus to the world.

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David Kilper for Studio 314

Where do you hope to take your career? I would hope to work for an established company and learn the trade, or hit the ground running and take Haus to a full company.

In the future, I would like to open a finishing school for girls that teaches them the importance of fashion, style, self-esteem, manners and self love. So I definitely have some humanitarian goals, too.

What do you want people to know about you? I love my job more than anything else. Even if it doesn't make me a lot of money, this is my true passion.

It's my passion, it's my love, it's my commitment. It's the relationship I've always wanted. I always tell people I have a better relationship with fashion than any guy.