Pimps and Hos, Subject of Upcoming Superfreakonomics

The pop-economist Steven D. Levitt told a standing room-only crowd at Saint Louis University last night that his next book, entitled Superfreakonomics, focuses on street-level pimps and prostitutes in Chicago.

"It’s probably the most interesting study I’ve ever done," said Levitt. "We have stunning results, just stunning. But this is a Jesuit school, so I’m not going to get into them here."

To which the crowd (at the John Cook School of Business) let out a big laugh.

Levitt, perhaps best known for linking lower crime rates to the legalization of abortion, published his first tome, Freakonomics, back in 2005 with co-author Stephen Dubner.

The book became a colossal hit on main street U.S.A. and spawned a regular column and blog in the New York Times.

Levitt said the sequel is halfway done and should be out in a year.

-Kristen Hinman