Big Slippery Thing in Man's Hands is a New State Record

Look out the size of this effing fish recently caught at Lake Taneycomo by 49-year-old Scott Sandusky of Arnold:

click to enlarge Scott Sandusky of Arnold holding his big slippery catch -
Scott Sandusky of Arnold holding his big slippery catch

Yeah, it's a new Missouri record: a 28-pound, 12-oz brown trout.

The world record was ten pounds heavier and caught up in Michigan, true. But check this out: lurking in the depths of Lake Taneycomo are likely some world-record-shattering specimens.

A decade ago, somebody found a dead brown trout there with an estimated weight of 45 pounds. You know what else weighs 45 pounds? About nine bricks. Now that's a fish, friends.

As the ever-perspicuous Jim Low, writing for Department of Conversation, put it:

For Scott Sandusky, the most exciting fish in the world is the Missouri state-record brown trout he landed Nov. 20. For the rest of us, the most exciting fish are the even bigger brown trout that might still be prowling the depths of Lake Taneycomo.