Tea and "Grumpets" Under the Arch

click to enlarge Tea and "Grumpets" Under the Arch
A group of folks opposed to the federal stimulus package President Barack Obama signed into law earlier this month are meeting under the Gateway Arch tomorrow to protest the legislation.

Similar rallies are being held across the country on Friday. Protesters are comparing themselves to Revolutionary War patriots and calling the event a Tea Party Protest.

Activities begin promptly at 11 a.m. In his blog, organizer Bill Hennessy is encouraging attendees at the St. Louis event to wear red.
I really, really like the Red: the blood of the patriots. We represent that vast stretch of land filled with strong, working people who rush to the shores when our Republic is threatened. We stand tall against enemies foreign and domestic. We bandage our wounds and march on, ever forward, ever humble, yet ever certain of our purpose. Red-stained gauze around our heads, red sweaters on our chests, the river at our backs, the Great Frontier before us.
Hennessy overlooks that the original patriots would never wear red. That color was reserved for the tea-drinkin' Red Coats of the British Army.