Westboro Baptist Church to Protest Clayton High School

Suppurating asshole Fred Phelps and his Westboro Baptist Church plan to bring their piquant blend of ignorance, religious hate and general dicketry to Clayton High School for a 30-minute protest on Monday, February 6, according to this batshit-crazy flier posted on his website.

The group plans to picket from 7:50 to 8:20 a.m. because -- hold on while I jam my head up my ass so as to properly quote from the press release -- "We will give your children the chance to see what truth looks like, the face of what they were entitled to have from every adult that ever touched their lives! You brutish teachers and hateful parents have broken the moral compass of this generation, teaching rebellion with everything you say and do."

Christ, what an asshole.

What did CHS do to receive such an honor?

Presumably, this is a retaliatory visit. Back in March 2011 the CHS Equality Club brought Nathan Phelps, the estranged son of WBC's chief asshole, Fred Phelps, to speak to students and parents about growing up Phelps. Nathan Phelps' address is available on YouTube in five sections, and it's an interesting one. Phelps discusses his father's ideas on child rearing (if you guessed it involves lots of Bibles and physical discipline, you're correct), the insular beliefs of the sect (they're not about conversion because they're the only ones who are "saved") and the total strength of the congregation (about 60 people, most of 'em with the last name Phelps). It's an interesting, informative and frank discussion about how adhering to blind hatred eventually makes you blind to everything that actually makes life worth living. You can see why that asshole Fred Phelps would hate it.