Comment of the Day: Former Wash. U. Student Bristles at Bristol's Invite to Sex Week

Today's comment comes in response to news that Bristol Palin will be paid thousands of dollars to speak to Washington University students about abstinence with students during the school's Sex Week. That's the same Bristol Palin, btw, who's ridden her teen pregnancy to fame and riches. 

Writes commenter Dallas:
As a former student and former organizer of sex week events this makes me very sad. When I think of all the great speakers who were actually experts in some area of sexuality or sexual health and then I think of how little we were able to pay them and putting them up in students' apartments to save money and THIS is where they are going to splurge $20,000 on sex week (a typically poorly funded event in my opinion), for BRISTOL PALIN? Suddenly I feel my frustration in having to fight tooth and nail to get funding for real experts all over again. ...It could be worse, we could be OSU, the college that uninvited sexual health expert Tristan Taormino to speak at their "Modern Sex" conference and then uninvited her and refused to pay her because of her "resume"... (you can read more about that at To WUs credit they had Tristan speak last year at Sex Week and they didn't uninvite her....