Tuesday Tussle: Part 1, Local Blogger Fired for Writing About Sex -- She Got Screwed!

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The Beautiful Kind
As recounted on Daily RFT yesterday, a St. Louis sex blogger was summarily fired from her day job last week when her boss discovered her anonymous blog The Beautiful Kind (TBK).

Although TBK has always been careful to hide her identity in her online writings and photos, someone recently posted her real name in a Twitter message, which included a link to TBK's blog. That little tweet was all it took for her employer to connect the dots.

Last Tuesday, TBK was dismissed from her job with the non-profit agency for which she worked. Wrote her boss: "We simply cannot risk any possible link between our mission and the sort of photos and material that you openly share with the online public."

In so doing, TBK (a woman accustomed to rough play) received the ass-gouging of a lifetime. Why?

Let's us count the ways...

1. TBK's site was anonymous. You'd have to be damned forensic detective (or a bored boss with nothing better to do) to piece together identity. In doing so, the employer took unusual steps to invade the privacy of an employee. That ain't kosher.

2. TBK's site was perfectly legal. So she liked to have sex and write about it, so what? She wasn't fornicating with children, selling drugs, plotting terrorist attacks or any number of illegal activities that, yeah, may have been grounds for her dismissal.

3. TBK was by her own admission a low-level employee with the non-profit agency. If she were the name and face of the agency (a.k.a. its director or president) then maybe -- just maybe -- I could see the problem in that person writing about their love life. But for a clerical worker? C'mon

4. As TBK notes on her Twitter account, what about the right to free speech? Her firing certainly seems to muzzle that First Amendment right.

Oh, and speaking of Twitter, it was good to see last night that even in this time of despair TBK (a la Justin Timberlake) isn't afraid to bring sexy back. This tweet from TBK last night...

Can you identify that belly button? Does it bring great shame to your organization? If so, four little words: Get a 'effin life!

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