Diary of a "Bloosier" Throughout the Years

To get your mind off the Blues' impending -- well, not impending, but likely -- elimination from the '09 playoffs, InsideSTL.com imagines a diary of a Blues fan over the years.

An excerpt:
January 25, 1993
The Arena was on fire last night.  The entire place was getting violent, and it got really bad when Cujo and Tim Cheveldae started brawling at center ice.  Cujo ripped him up pretty bad.  There were 13 fights that I counted in the stands between Red Wing and Blues fans... three of them were started by Frank and me.  We got really creative because when everyone started yelling "LET'S GO BLUES!  LET'S GO BLUES!" we all started yelling "RED WINGS SUCK! RED WINGS SUCK!"  The fan in the Bob Probert jersey took exception so we pelted her with our beers.  On our way out of the parking lot, Frank decided to hit one of the Red Wing fans with his Corsica.
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