Dave Sinclair's "Buy American" Ads Win Organized Labor Award

Used to be that Dave Sinclair was the "South County Ford Dealer." These days, Sinclair prefers the title the "American Car Dealer in South County."

Sinclair's television ads -- you know the ones with the 80-year-old standing behind a podium -- have won praise from the St. Louis Building Trades Council of the AFL-CIO. Yesterday the union presented Sinclair with its first-ever Spirit of America Award for his willingness to "stand up and speak out."

Sinclair's recent television commercials have urged viewers to buy American vehicles and products -- whether from his dealerships or other vendors.

Last September Sinclair also made news when he pulled his advertising from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch after the daily outsourced some of its advertising typesetting jobs to India. Back then, Sinclair told RFT : "I'm not trying to be a rabble-rouser, but I wanted to make my point clear. Here we are talking about jobless rates in the United States and they're shipping jobs overseas."

You can view a couple of Sinclair's "award-winning" commercials after the jump.  

-- Chad Garrison