St. Louis Pediatrician Patricia Wolff Heading Out to Help In Haiti

Looking for a way to help Haitians?

Patricia Wolff, a local pediatrician and founder of the non-profit Meds & Food for Kids, is headed out to Haiti soon to feed and care for the hungry, and her group is asking for support.

Meds & Food for Kids supplies malnourished children with what Haitians call "Medika Mamba," a peanut butter-like foodstuff packed with protein which needs neither refrigeration nor cooking.

Wolff got the idea from a similar program in Malawi; since she founded Meds & Food for Kids in 2004, she and coworkers have fed more than 13,000 children.

It appears that the organization's production facility withstood the quake, but the fate of a local employee is still unknown.