Imagine Getting Busted 243 Times for Panhandling and Peeing in Public

Bill McClellan last Friday columnized in the Post-Dispatch about a couple of local panhandlers and how they ply their trade, a snapshot tale of young man named Dave and his girlfriend Andrea standing on a corner holding a cardboard sign that read: "Lost Job, Lost House, Desperate."

Turns out, the young beggars, Dave and Andrea, didn't really lose their house, but did lose their $500 a month apartment, forcing them to get by on a $40 a night room at a hotel on St. Charles Rock Road.

They grub for spare change to cover the cost of the room, food and bus fare to and from their favorite panhandling site, writes McClellan.

How much do they make?

"Sometimes we make a hundred dollars in a couple of hours," David said. And then he added, "Sometimes we don't do so well."

It was that lament that brought to mind the astonishing story of a Chicago man named Darryl Marlow, who is not doing well at all. On Tuesday evening, March 23, he was arrested for, get this, the 243rd time for panhandling and urinating in public, and at the same trendy Gold Coast neighborhood restaurant.

Seems the 54-year-old Marlow has got a thing for panhandling and relieving himself near the side door to the Tavern On Rush. One can only suppose Marlow likes to leave his mark.

On the previous Thursday, Marlow chalked up his 242nd bust after approaching diners, begging for money and then snatching their food on the outside patio of the Rush Street establishment.

Will somebody please find Darryl a job.