Ladue News Gets Competition! New Magazine is Town & Style

Time to put on your game face, Ladue News. -
Time to put on your game face, Ladue News.
The print magazine is not dead. Not, anyway, in St. Louis.

The past few months have seen the launch of a "St. Louis + Golf + Lifestyle" publication in Avid, a rival food magazine to Sauce in Feast, and today news that that a new publication will soon debut to go head-to-head with the society rag, The Ladue News.

Town & Style
will launch in February under the direction of Ladue News' former editor Dorothy Weiner and publisher Lauren Rechan. According to Weiner, the new publication will focus on the area's "central corridor" -- extending beyond Ladue News' concentration on Clayton and Ladue.

Frankly, we think Town & Style is missing a real opportunity start a true west county rivalry and should have called itself Town & Country. Oh, wait, there already is a Town & Country magazine? In that case, how about renaming it the Frontenac Flyer? Or maybe the Wildwood Weekly? It's still not too late!