Darren Wilson Quietly Meets with Television News Anchors About Possible Interviews

click to enlarge A protester outside St. Louis City Hall says she wants Darren Wilson indicted. But where is he? - Danny Wicentowski
Danny Wicentowski
A protester outside St. Louis City Hall says she wants Darren Wilson indicted. But where is he?

What is Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson doing while the world watches the protests organized in response to his fatal shooting of unarmed teen Michael Brown?

According to CNN's senior media correspondent Brian Stelter, Wilson is spending some of his time in off-the-record talks with "high-profile news anchors" at meetings so secret that the networks can't confirm they happened.

Only two anchors, CNN's Don Lemon and Anderson Cooper, have confirmed meeting with Wilson. But Stelter says Matt Lauer of NBC, George Stephanopoulos of ABC and Scott Pelley of CBS are also in hot pursuit of a sit-down interview featuring the elusive officer.

Reports of pre-interview talks between journalists and sources typically aren't (and shouldn't be) front-page news, but Wilson's case is unique. Since the August 9 shooting in Ferguson, Wilson has effectively disappeared from public view -- no small feat considering the cameraphone-wielding public on the lookout for a glimpse of him. Even when he testified in front of the grand jury in Clayton currently considering whether to indict him for Brown's death, no images surfaced of the 28-year-old officer.

Wilson's disappearing act is so complete, in fact, that St. Louis Prosecuting Attorney Bob McCulloch dropped five pending felony cases depending on his testimony. As Wilson proved last month, he won't even leave his hideout to testify against alleged criminals he's previously arrested.

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CNN anchors Cooper and Lemon took to Twitter Sunday to assure followers that there's nothing shady about their off-the-record meetings with Wilson. It's normal for reporters to meet with potential sources and negotiate possible interviews, they said. Anderson says Wilson declined an interview with him.

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