Blago: Innocent or Just Plain Crazy?

These are the only two options when it comes to how the embattled Illinois governor has been carrying himself these past two weeks.

He's been so vehement in defending himself, it's almost as if he is actually innocent or has at least found some legal loophole which will lead to him being found not guilty in court. Why else would he issue so many public denials when, if he knows he's toast, he'll just get re-branded as a liar, hypocrite, and fraud in a few months? 

On the other hand, when he skips his impeachment trial to appear on TV, says he was considering Oprah for Obama's senate seat, compares his indictment to Pearl Harbor, and rambles incoherently about cowboys, horse thieves and roping cattle, well, that makes him look crazy.

For some reason, I picture him like Ray Liotta at the end of Goodfellas. You know, when he's all coked out of his mind, driving around and complaining that helicopters are chasing after him.