Backscatter: Much Ado About Nothing

All the buzz about stepped-up airport security during the Thanksgiving travel-palooza seems to have been much ado about nothing. Media reports stoked fears of huge delays, gropings, protests and all-around mayhem, but it didn't really happen, here in St. Louis or in other airports around the country.

"We didn't have any major issues," says Jeff Lea, public information manager at Lambert-St. Louis International Airport. "There were some reports that the weather caused more issues than security."

Flying out of Lambert to Philadelphia and then from Philly to Detroit to St. Louis this weekend, this Daily RFT correspondent found herself with a lot of spare time in airports after mostly waltzing through security lines -- I wasn't ever selected for anything more onerous than taking my shoes off. But we'd love some horror stories! Share 'em if you've got 'em.