US Marine from St. Charles Gets Super Intense Dissing the Wars and Obamney

Here's a compelling vid from the Third District GOP convention last weekend (which seemed to be, in essence, a rally for third-party libertarian candidate, Ron Paul):

This is US Marine Major Christopher Miller. Over multiple tours in the Middle East, he defused bombs, Hurt-Locker-style. But clearly he himself knows how to get explosive. (You gotta love that "HOO-RAH!" at the end).

Meanwhile, Paulheads have fallen in love with this guy. As one wrote on Daily Paul:
Let's use this video to the maximum. Share with family and friends..More people need to see this video that shows how Mitt Romney is really despised.
Of course, Major Miller doesn't just hate Romney. He hates Obama, too. He hates "Obamney."

It's unclear how much this will matter, though. Yes, Ron Paul just got done crushing it in the New England primaries (meaning he placed second to Romney in every state except Massachusetts). Yet the race is no longer a battle for voters on the far right. Romney is moving back to the center, where the all-important independents are.

Folks like Major Miller will only make things harder for Mitt. And, judging by this marine's speech, they probably don't mind that one bit.