St. Louis Could Be Only Missouri City with Pro Football, Baseball Teams

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Truman Sports Complex
So frets Jackson County Executive Mike Sanders in Kansas City.

This week Sanders told radio station KMBZ (980 AM) that the city's $85-million budget shortfall could make the Royals and Chiefs "free agents" so to speak.

That's especially true, says Sanders, after Kansas City Mayor Mark Funkhouser put forth a plan yesterday that would cut the $2 million the city gives each year to the Truman Sports Complex where the teams play. Such a move could break the lease and allow the teams to seek other markets, contends Sanders.

Funkhouser, meanwhile, dismisses the notion that the teams would leave the city calling the franchises "good civic partners."

The bigger question, I wonder, is what city would possibly want either franchise right now? The Royals ended last season 75-87; the Chiefs 2-14.