Press Release of the Day: Window Dangers

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A view to kill.
Ahh! The weather is getting warm and soon people across the country will be opening windows.

God only knows, though, how many idiots will fall out of those windows or strain their backs while attempting to air out the house. To wit, Simonton Windows is out with a press release today on window tips for all ages.

For instance, did you know that children should never be allowed to play unsupervised on or near open windows? It's true. And don't let those teenagers climb out windows so they can sit on the roof. That's for pigeons! And old people? Impact-resistance glass might be good for those klutzes. Whatever you do, do not lean against window screens no matter how tempting and sturdy they appear.

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PARKERSBURG, W. VA. - Whether you're 3, 13, 30 or 73, window safety is a concern for people of all ages. To prepare for National Window Safety Week, April 5-11, 2009, Simonton Windows® offers these window safety tips for people to consider at every stage in their lives.


Toddlers and Young Children

  • Windows and young children are not a good combination. Make sure to keep furniture (especially cribs), or anything children can climb, away from windows.
  • Children should never be left unsupervised around open windows.
  • Play areas in a child's room should be focused either in the center of the room or against a solid wall, rather than near windows.
  • For ventilation in rooms with toddlers and young children, open the top sash of Double Hung windows so that children can not reach them while keeping the bottom sash (closest to the floor) closed.


  • Don't allow teenagers to paint shut or nail shut windows. Every window in the home must be operational in case of an emergency.
  • Decorative lights should never be nailed or attached to window frames in bedrooms.
  • Never allow teenagers to crawl out of windows to sit on the roof.
  • Don't permit children or teenagers to "pop out" screens to hang flags or other items out of the window.

Young Adults

  • Outdoor decorative lights should never be nailed to window frames or hung over windows that might need to be opened in case of an emergency exit.
  • Once you become a homeowner, make sure to plant shrubs, grass and place "soft landscaping" items like bark and mulch directly underneath windows to help lessen the impact should someone fall out the window.
  • When painting the exterior of the home, do not "paint shut" the windows.
  • Teach children that window screens are there only to keep insects out of the home. They can not sustain the weight of a child or pet pushing against them.

Older Adults

  • As people get older, the act of pushing up to open a Double or Single Hung window may be more stressful on the back and hands. Easy-to-operate windows, such as Casement windows require no lifting action. The crank-out system with a side-hinged sash opens outward for ventilation.
  • For those senior homeowners looking for a smaller crank-out window style option, consider Awning and Hopper windows. With Awning windows, the sash is hinged on top and the window cranks out and upward. In a Hopper window, the sash is located on the bottom and the window easily cranks outwards.
  • Slider windows are also a great option for older adults. Slider windows glide effortlessly from side to side, so there's less strain on arms or back muscles to operate them. Slider windows provide great views with either 2- or 3-lite configurations and allow for maximum ventilation in the home.
  • Make certain to purchase windows with sturdy, easy-to-operate locks to secure windows in the home.
  • For added security, consider ordering impact-resistant glass in windows.
  • For ease of maintenance, order windows with vinyl frames. With vinyl window frames you never need to worry about upkeep such as the scraping and repainting aspects you have with wood frames. Vinyl windows resist rotting, decay, insect infestations and provide years of effortless beauty in the home.


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