Butcher Shop That Packaged Beef Hearts as "Ground Beef" Settles with State for $50k

This is beef heart. In Missouri, you'd better call it that. - Image via
This is beef heart. In Missouri, you'd better call it that.
This just in from Attorney General Chris Koster's office: 

The state has settled with John's Butcher Shoppee, a meat processor in Overland and Festus sued by the government in June 2011 for passing off heart muscle as "ground beef" and "sausage."

The food company, run by the Kolish family for the last 39 years, has agreed to pay the state $50,000 and to properly label all of its meat. 

The AG based its accusation on tests done by Missouri Department of Agriculture, as well as the federal USDA. 

We are absolutely waiting for a reaction from Ed Martin, conservative candidate for attorney general, who (as a Tea Party conservative) hates government interference and seeks to present himself as the anti-Koster in every possible way.

This is what we imagine: 

"Hi I'm Ed Martin. Unlike the current Attorney General Chris Koster, who stifles business with needless red tape and regulation, I won't forget that this is America. Businesses should be able to prosper however they see fit -- even if that means people get duped and eat some beef heart. That's going to happen: There's gonna be some beef heart in there, in most of what you eat. But if that's the cost of freedom, I'll gladly pay it. No I'm serious. I will eat beef heart. I'll eat it in front of you....Hey what's wrong?"