Five of the Worst First Pitches Recorded on Video

Now that the news has come out that President Barack Obama will throw out the first pitch at the All-Star game here in St. Louis, you have to think the president, despite being famously cool ("Everyone chill the fuck out. I got this!"), will still feel a bit of pressure when he walks up to the mound at Busch Stadium. 

There are a lot of options for the commander-in-pitcher: Should he stand on the mound or in front it? Will he wear a White Sox hat, as he's done in the past? Or will he don a Cardinal jacket like Dubya did when he threw out the opening day pitch here in 2004? Whatever he wears and wherever he plants his feet, he better be able to get it over the plate.

Because there have been some truly god-awful first-pitches in recent memory.

Here are the five worst:

Gary Dell'Abate (producer of Howard Stern Show and host of the Wrap Up Show) throwing first pitch before Mets v. Pirates on May 9, 2009. He hits the umpire.

Adam Carolla of Love Line and formerly of The Man Show, throws out the first pitch at a Dodger game, and the ball bounces before it gets to home plate. He tries again, this time the ball is about ten feet outside. Like any celeb, he milks the camera a little longer, throwing a third pitch, and actually gets it to the catcher.

This guy is so bad, someone felt the need to splice in audio from a "Real Men of Genius" beer commercial. Notice how the ball appears to go straight down the second it leaves his hand. The man then crumples in shame.

Cincinnati Mayor Mark Mallory's first pitch takes a hard left on the way to former Reds player Eric Davis. Yikes.

It seems that first-pitchers can't keep from beaning the umpire. This sportscaster plunks the unsuspecting ump in the back of the head. Cut to :37 in the video to see the crime.

And because this is too bizarre to not include, watch this Bonus Video, "T-Rex Throws Out the First Pitch." At least the guy in the dinosaur costume threw in a straight line, from his prehistoric jaws no less.