What You Missed: Cursive, So Many Dynamos, Governor Matt Blunt, Go! St. Louis Marathon, Mr. Midwest Leather and St. Louis club pics, April 4-6, 2008

Spring weather in St. Louis saw the metro area's residents stretch out in the sun. After dark, there were clubs, concerts and, leather contests to attend.

Here's what you missed...

Cursive, Capgun Coup and So Many Dynamos at were the Gargoyle on the Washington University campus last night, Sunday, April 6.

Early Sunday morning, thousands made their way to Downtown St. Louis -- even a tired-looking Gov. Matt Blunt -- for the Go! St. Louis Marathon. See pictures here.

Karl Gilpin, Russellville, Mo, finished first in the marathon for the second consecutive year. He finished with a personal best and new course record, 2:24:51.

Matthew Chesang topped the half marathon for the second consecutive year as well, with a new course record, 1:08:36. Last year, Chesang finished 1:09:02.

On Saturday night, The Safes, The Chapters and The 75s were at the Bluebird. We have video and a review in our A to Z blog.

Also on Saturday night, the Mr. Midwest Leather contest was held in Midtown. See the pictures here.

Saturday morning saw the rows of produce, knock-off sunglasses and Cardinals gear being sorted through by shoppers in Soulard Market. Very early Sunday morning, booze was on the menu on South Grand.

Sunday afternoon, the Loop was an attraction for shoppers and dancers and drummers.

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