How Not to Ask for a Restaurant Recommendation

Meet Yelp user Chun "Tennis Guru" L, who decided to turn to the wisdom of the Yelp crowds for a restaurant recommendation. This recommendation had to meet a few criteria, though:

Did something in his post strike you as, well, questionable, if not downright douchetastic? No? Read it again, with a visual aid:

Unsurprisingly, the comments were merciless:

You're leaving your girl home?! You're an ASS Chun...

massage, hand job, go across town, get massage and hand job from different person, lather, rinse, repeat

or why don't you buy a piece of jewelry for your girlfriend?

use the money to feed an entire under privileged family Christmas dinner.

How about you give me that $730, I kick you in the nuts and take your lady out instead while we laugh at a cameraphone replay of you getting socked in the crotch?
There are many more comments in this vein, as well as more than a few that take his request seriously. If you're curious, the tasting menu at Le Bernardin seems to be the consensus pick.

h/t to Eater NY