Gut Check's Week in Tweets

Don't you know? Gut Check has a Twitter account. You can follow me @gutcheckstl.

Here's some of what you missed on my Twitter feed this week:

Oh man. Forgot how much easier getting around to restaurants for reviews/blogs was with 64/40. THANK GOD.
2:00 PM Dec 7th
if the foie gras doesn't kill me, these $%@#ing #ravens will.
10:14 PM Dec 7th
this coffee tastes like mesquite smoke. #willsomeonepleaseopenagoodcoffeeshopintheloop?
10:31 AM Dec 9th
sudden influx of poorly written but non-spam comments on Gut Check? something got Dugg!
4:04 PM Dec 9th
made breakfast sandwich w/ only stuff in house: english muffin, volpi salami, cheese. #needtogroceryshop
10:39 AM Dec 10th