Cross Booze-Spiked Ice Cream Off the To-Do List: St. Louis Has Plenty!

Cross Booze-Spiked Ice Cream Off the To-Do List: St. Louis Has Plenty!
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Three weeks ago Men's Health named St. Louis the sixth-drunkest city in America. Gut Check knows we can do better, so we posted some tips on how to reach the pinnacle of national drunkenness in '12.

This past weekend we got an e-mail from a fellow named John Clopton, who owns Frostbite Ice Cream:

"I read your blog post 'What St. Louis Needs to Do to Become America's Drunkest City in 2012' and enjoyed it. One of the ways you suggested we can accomplish this:

"'#7. Ted Drewes, hire Ted Kilgore to create a line of booze-spiked concretes.'

"I just wanted to let you know that Frostbite Gourmet Ice Cream, LLC makes a strong porter ice cream made with beer from Six Row Brewing Company. Soon, Six Row will be carrying the strong porter ice cream so hopefully we can cross #7 off your list. When things become more finalized and the ice cream is available, I'll let you know."

While it might not have the same earworm ring as "Ted at Ted's," it sounds tasty. Naturally we'll keep you posted.

Not that Frostbite's the first to quench St. Louis' insatiable appetite for booze and ice cream. The Fountain on Locust has been serving booze and ice cream together since they opened, which might explain how St. Louis made the Top 10 in the first place.

Serendipity Homemade Ice Cream has done it, too.

Last summer we posted that the Webster Groves ice cream shop celebrated National Ice Cream Day with a menu of bar-inspired ice creams.

In an e-mail, Serendipity's ice cream chef Mary Harden reported, "We have Irish cream, Jameson, Jack Daniel's chocolate, Guinness, hurricane sorbet, cosmo sorbet, margarita sorbet. We have made mint julep.

"We make oatmeal stout for Schafly and a Square One stout. We make special ones for Wine Country Gardens that has their wines. We make tiramisu ice cream with marsala wine, and also sabayon. I love cooking with booze."

And St. Louis loves eating and drinking it. Here's to 2012!