Carl's Jr., the Hardee's of the West Coast, Test Markets Ice Cream "Brrrger"

Ice cream "brrrger": Fast-food gimmick or Das Racist song? - Image via
Ice cream "brrrger": Fast-food gimmick or Das Racist song?

Questionable dessert interpretations of the burger aren't new. Japanese company Happy Kitchen sells a candy hamburger kit to meet the high demand of making fast-food-inspired confections at home, while stateside sweets seller Efrutti produces weirdly adorable novelty gummy candy mini-hamburgers, hot dogs, fries and pizzas. This week, HuffPost Food reported that Carl's Jr. (owned by CKE Restaurants, the same company that owns and operates Hardee's) is throwing its hat into the optical-illusion fast-food ring, testing a "ice cream brrrger" at select locations in its Orange County, California, markets.

Gut Check's first reaction was of the J. Wellington Wimpy school of thought: We'll gladly pay you Tuesday for a ice cream "brrrger" today -- because we want to try it, but we don't really want to pay for it.

Priced at $1.99, the dessert is, in structure, just a normal ice-cream sandwich. It layers chocolate ice cream between two sugar cookies, with green, yellow and red icing dripping from between the top "bun" and chocolatey core.

According to HuffPost Food, Carl's Jr. has verified that it is test marketing the "brrrger" in Orange County restaurants, though it won't comment on products being test marketed. If the "brrrger" melts enough Golden State hearts the company might add it to menus nationwide. Could that mean we'll find ourselves in "brrrger" heaven at a local Hardee's location? Gut Check has a call in to Carl's Jr. to find out if there's any possibility of the sugar-coated gimmick gracing its sister restaurant's menus. And, because St. Louis plays home to Hardee's national headquarters, we here at Gut Check can only hope the company will choose to share its fascinating foodstuff with us.