Review Preview: Pi

A revelation: Provel isn't the reason I loathe St. Louis-style pizza. Or, I should say, Provel alone isn't the reason I loathe St. Louis-style pizza. I have no qualms with processed cheese, in general, and after five years in St. Louis I've learned to tolerate Provel on sandwiches or shredded over a house salad. But melt that shit on a cracker-thin crust and its alfredo-sauce-esque texture is as appealing as a mouthful of crude oil.

This week I visit Pi, yet another new St. Louis pizza joint. Check back here tomorrow to find out what I think -- and what that photo has to do with it. (If you already know, you're as big a dork as I am.)

EDIT: O noes! I posted a photo from the wrong Star Trek episode. And I screwed it up in the actual review, too. (Click here to go to review.) I'll deal with the latter problem tomorrow. Now the photo is correct. Thanks to the eagle-eyed reader who still got the reference and pointed out my error. His reward is not being given credit by name. :)

-Ian Froeb