Review Preview: Dao Tien Vietnamese Bistro

Dao Tien Vietnamese Restaurant before it opened this fall. - Ian Froeb
Ian Froeb
Dao Tien Vietnamese Restaurant before it opened this fall.

This week, I visit Dao Tien Vietnamese Bistro (8600 Olive Boulevard, University City; 314-995-6960), which opened in October in a slightly out-of-the-way spot back from the road at the intersection of Olive and McKnight. A sneak preview of my review is after the jump.

Diane Dinh, the owner of Dao Tien Vietnamese Bistro, sees me coming even before I enter her restaurant this evening.

"I saw your car pull in," she says from her seat at the table nearest to the kitchen. "Same table?"

It's my fourth or fifth visit to this three-month-old University City restaurant, and by coincidence I've sat at the same table every time. When you're the owner of a small, new restaurant, and you like to circulate among your guests, checking up on their meals, you tend to notice such things.

Mainly to convince myself that I don't have (yet another) psychological disorder, I sit at the table next to my ostensible favorite, closer to the restaurant's fish tank, which over the course of my visits here I've become obsessed with, convinced that the largest of its half-dozen fish is waiting for a chance to eat one of its companions.

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