Brazillian Meatpackers Ditch Amazon-Threatening Beef

The three largest meatpackers in Brazil veer away from environmentally unfriendly ranches. Food Safety News reports that the move to stop doing business with 221 ranches came after a Greenpeace report on cattle farming's effects of Amazon deforestation. The meatpacking industry intends to cut more environmentally unfriendly ranches from their business roster.

Plain old water works as a flavor booster. The New York Times Curious Cook explores how the diluting powers of water can bring balance to flavors, especially in alcoholic beverages and coffee.

It's food-on-a-stick season! The Chicago Tribune looks at the skewered offerings at this year's Wisconsin State Fair, including deep fried apple pie, cream cheese with bacon, Irish stew, Spam and a deep fried spiraled potato called Chipstix

CNN is urging Gulf Coast readers to capture their relatives making classic seafood recipes before it's too late. Houston Chef Bryan Caswell, who learned to cook from his grandmothers, said, "It's less about a recipe, and more about being in her kitchen, looking out the window at the farm. It's about a time and place -- a memory of food. Every time I eat those dishes, it immediately shoots me back there."

Slashfood ponders Chelsea Clinton's vegan wedding.