Seeking the Biggest Eaters in St. Louis: A Call for Submissions

This miserable person could be you. | Zach Garrison
This miserable person could be you. | Zach Garrison

This week, Gut Check regular contributor Zach Garrison dished about his certifiably insane attempt to win six of St. Louis' toughest eating challenges. We won't give away the ending if you missed it, but it will likely come as no surprise that Zach suffered considerably both physically and mentally (but mostly physically) to get through all six challenges.

He also made a prediction: No matter how awful his experience was, St. Louisans would read his account and assume they could definitely do better than he did. He was right.

And if you're one of those people, Gut Check wants to hear about it.

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Here is Zach's conclusion from his story, "Glutton for Punishment":

I'd like to think my journey, my sacrifice, will serve as a warning, a lesson in the dangers of such gluttonous behavior. But I doubt it. Instead, I suspect that many will read this and immediately conclude, "I could take down that challenge. Sign me up."

And here's at least one reader's reaction:

If you're inspired by Zach to try a local eating challenge, we want your story. Send us a before and an after picture of yourself attempting the Pointersaurus, the Hot Mess, the Train Wreck, the Mama's Pasta Challenge, the 5 Malt Challenge or -- God forbid -- the Inferno, and we'll include it in a future Gut Check post. Doesn't matter if you fail or succeed, just remember to tell us how it went -- be as descriptive as you please.

E-mail submissions to [email protected] and happy eating!

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