Frozen Vegetables Recalled for Broken Glass

Pictsweet has recalled frozen vegetables sold at Walmart and Kroger. Some products may contain broken glass. CNN has the list of product codes to avoid.

Campbell's Soup is facing a boycott over halal soups in Canada. The Washington Post reports that blogger Pamela Geller, who was a vocal part of the Lower Manhattan Islamic center protests, started the boycott because the halal certification comes from the Islamic Society of North America, which some suspect of having links to Hamas and other Islamic extremist groups.

Watsonville, California pass ordinance allowing restaurant building permits to businesses that vow to serve healthier food. According to the Santa Cruz Sentinel, restaurants must pick at least nine items from a list of nineteen healthy eating options, such as offering free water, serving salad dressing on the side, providing corn tortillas instead of ones made of white flour. Watsonville has above-average rates of obesity and diabetes.

The New York Post takes a look at the new book, "Your Brain on Food.", written by Gary Wenk, a professor at the Ohio State University and Medical Center. The book focuses on new research on the effects of amino acids and spices on mood and cognition, going as far as to link Aztec cannibalism on their maize-based diet, which didn't help in serotonin production.