Jeff Ruby's and the Case of the Disappearing Website

Jeff Ruby's and the Case of the Disappearing Website
File this under "Things That Make You Go Hmmm": The screenshot above is what you see if you visit This should be the home page of the St. Louis branch of Jeff Ruby's Steakhouse, which opened earlier this year at the new River City Casino.

When I reviewed the restaurant (very favorably) in July, that URL sent you to a page specific to the St. Louis Jeff Ruby's, just as the URL takes you to a page specific to the original Cincinnati location.

Now the St. Louis URL leads you to a mirror of the main Jeff Ruby's website. I might dismiss this as a technical glitch -- except that if you look at the bottom right of the screenshot, you can see that St. Louis isn't listed as a Jeff Ruby's location.

As of now, the St. Louis Jeff Ruby's is open. However, if not a glitch, the disappearance of the St. Louis location's website does raise questions.

Yesterday, I spoke with Mack A. Bradley of Apogee Public Affairs, which represents River City Casino. After noting that I'm not the first to have called him about the restaurant recently, he said that while the casino is "looking at several things," a change to Jeff Ruby's "is not one of them."

I've made several calls to Jeff Ruby's corporate office in Cincinnati for comment. I'll update this post when they reply and as I learn more.