Nation's Oldest Family Farm For Sale After Eleven Generations.

After 378 years, the country's oldest family-run farm is for sale. The Boston Globe reports that New Hampshire farmer Will Tuttle has cited lagging demand for the farm's goods. "This is a different business now,'' Tuttle said. "Farming at any level is a labor of love, but now the future is so uncertain. Looking forward, I don't see much opportunity for small farms to thrive. It's a tough grind.''

Despite the loss of a landmark farm, urban botanical gardens are turning to local food and chefs to draw visitors. The New York Times looks at botanical gardens around the country to see how food is replacing the horticulture of days past.

Two Chipotle restaurants in San Diego were sued for not being accessible, on the 20th anniversary of the Americans With Disabilities Act. According to Bloomberg Business, the 45-inch high counters at the restaurants denied customers using wheelchairs from the full Chipotle experience.

Hit a coffee house in Washington, D.C., today and be a part of the news. The Washington Post will have reporters at a bunch of local coffee houses in search of stories on how people are really living. They'll be posting their stories live on the newspaper's website.