#48: Lengua Tacos at La Vallesana

#48: Lengua Tacos at La Vallesana
Evan C. Jones

There are many tempting options available at La Vallesana (2801 Cherokee Street; 314-776-4223), but whether you're getting quesadillas, burritos or tortas, there's something on the menu that leaps out to most people as something to avoid: tongue.

Offal is something that most Americans would consider, well, awful. But the undesired cuts of meat actually make for some great food. Tongue is best described as gateway offal. Because it is a cut of meat that's primarily muscle, it's typically braised and cooked down over several hours until it's tender. If you're a fan of pot roast, then tongue is something you need to try.

Why not on a taco? La Vallesana serves its tacos without a lot of bells and whistles: two flour tortillas, your choice of meat, cilantro, onion and a lime wedge. The simplicity allows the meat to really come through with a touch of acid from the lime. One taco quickly turns into another two, and then three.

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