Food Safety Legislation Stalls in U.S., Turns Violent in China

While a senator vows to stall the food safety bill in the Senate, the Chinese government takes a much firmer stance against producers of tainted food. The Associated Press reports that Chinese authorities will instate the death penalty against the worst food safety violators.

Minnesota Public Radio shares a story of antibiotic-resistant superbugs in the food system. While overuse of antibiotics in humans is the main culprit in the growth of these superbugs, a new study shows that antibiotic overuse in food livestock is also contributing to human infections.

Scientists claim to have cracked the DNA code for the cocoa bean tree. The New York Times says that the race is on between chocolate giants Mars and Hershey's to lay claim to the information.

Chef. Novelist. Food Writer. TV personality. Now Anthony Bourdain can add graphic novelist to his resume. culled a Bourdain interview from the Omaha World Herald for information about his DC Comics project he describes as "a gourmet slaughterfest".