Locavores Get What They Pay For

When food activist Michael Pollan put a price tag on some local foods ($8/dozen eggs, $3.90/lb. peaches), he came off as a locavore elitist. The Wall Street Journal investigates to see if this is true, and finds that consumers often get what they pay for.

The Chicago Tribune investigates the true price of cheap meat. Americans are paying a smaller percentage of their income than ever on food, but are paying more to cover the government and health care costs brought on by factory farm mishaps.

Another factory farm cost: the price tag for trying and incarcerating an Ohio farm hand convicted of animal cruelty. The Cleveland Plain Dealer reports that farmhand Billy Joe Gregg Jr. has been sentenced to eight months in jail after being convicted of punching dairy calves in the head, beating them with crowbars, stabbing them with pitchforks, and breaking their tails while on duty at Conklin Dairy Farm. Even though Ohio is one of the few states with laws protecting livestock, such offenses are still only misdemeanors.

How to keep selling all this questionable food? With sexy ladies, of course. Esquire takes a peek at a century of women in food advertising.