Review Preview: Southwest Diner

Review Preview: Southwest Diner
Chrissy Wilmes

This week I visit Southwest Diner (6803 Southwest Avenue; 314-260-7244), the new breakfast and lunch spot in the city's Ellendale neighborhood featuring -- what else? -- Southwestern cuisine.

A diner accrues character over time, a patina of grease and cigarette smoke and coffee stains. A new diner can only be a "diner" -- a travesty of chrome fixtures and the fake front end of a '57 Chevy, a jukebox loaded with tunes recorded before most of its patrons were born.

Or so I always believed. Yet as I lingered over a cup of coffee and a slice of sweet, tart lime-meringue pie at the Southwest Diner on a recent afternoon, I found it difficult to reconcile the fact that the place isn't yet three months old.

Southwest gets the classic diner details just right.

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