Seether's Dale Stewart Rocks the Wings at the Silver Ballroom

Seether bassist Dale Stewart dreams of hot wings at work. -
Seether bassist Dale Stewart dreams of hot wings at work.

Yeah, he's come to snuff the rooster.

Wait...wrong band, right poultry. Although Alice in Chains sang about snuffing roosters, Seether bassist Dale Stewart is going to be doing it for real on Thursday at the Silver Ballroom. Sort of.

The South African post-grunge bassist is going to be making hot wings at the bar.

Gut Check has a few questions for Silver Ballroom owners Steve and Shelly Dachroeden about their first Celebrity Chef night.

Gut Check What gave you the idea to do this?

Steve and Shelly Dachroeden We worked in the music industry for years and got to know a lot of different artists. They go from town to town on a bus, and we thought we should come up with something fun to break the monotony of show after show. Plus, it would be a great way for them to showcase their hidden and unexpected talents.

What prompted Dale Stewart and Seether to get involved?

Dale actually came to us and asked if he could do it since it is his favorite bar in town and they were going to have a day off here. Have you had Stewart's hot wings? Oh yeah! We wouldn't feed them to the public without taste testing them first! You know, for quality assurance purposes only....Actually, Steve had them at a party at Dale's house a couple of years ago and has been raving about them ever since. They are sweet and spicy, but definitely on the hot side.

Do you have any other Celebrity Chef events planned?

We have several ideas for Celebrity Chef or bartending events. You know, "Pancakes with Slayer," "Milk and Cookies with Suicidal Tendencies," "Buy a Beer from a Foo Fighter," but nothing confirmed as of yet, so everyone will have to stay tuned.

Seether will be passing through St. Louis this week between tour stops in Jackson, Mississippi and Peoria, Illinois. St. Louis dates are not currently on its schedule. To tide you over, here's a video.