Webster University Breaks World Record for Longest Taco Line

It was longer than this. | Luca Nebuloni
It was longer than this. | Luca Nebuloni

Whenever we're having tacos -- which is often -- we think, "This taco line isn't long enough."

OK, no we don't. And we weren't even sure what a taco line was until this week (it's a line of tacos) when the serious academics over at Webster University made a world-record attempt.

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They also broke the record for longest ice-cream dessert back in 2012, so this is pretty serious. On Tuesday morning, students put together an 851-foot line of tacos on the quad using 1,600 taco shells, 220 pounds of refried beans, 120 pounds of beef, 120 pounds of shredded cheese, 80 pounds of shredded lettuce and 16 gallons of salsa. The old record was a mere 654 long -- kid stuff, really.

It's still pending approval from the people over at Guinness, but Webster followed procedure and filed paperwork and all that. Leftover food was donated to a local charity, and even the mayor of Webster Groves was on hand to witness the taco miracle. Here's a time-lapse video of the event:

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